marți, 8 februarie 2011

The Bioeconomy: A new blog on the horizon

Simon Robinson of ICIS today reported a new blog written by Gerry McKiernan, self described as "Science and Technology Librarian / Iowa State University Library", . The Bioeconomy Blog is the title of the new site, this coupled with the fact that Gerry is a member of Iowa State, and the role he has as librarian means that this site will certainly be worth watching for output.
The inaugural post of the blog was as follows:
Launch of the Bioeconomy Blog
The Bioeconomy Blog is a devoted to the identification and promotion of key primary and secondary literature relating to biorenewable fuels, most notably bioethanol and biodiesel. It will seek to identify all significant literature and presentations relating to the economic, environmental, political, and social aspects of biofuel initiatives.With proper support, it is hoped that the major publications and presentations cited in The Bioenergy Blog will be compiled at some point into a Web-based annotated bibliography.The Bioeconomy Blog was formally established on May 6 2007.

Understanding how work/life can mean that blog output can be sporadic (I apologise for my own absence recently), I certainly will keep a keen eye on this blog since it closely matches some off my already described interests. Here Gerry's experience with various literature types should prove very insightful.